• Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition whose symptoms include hyperactivity, strong impulses and problems with concentration. While the drug Ritalin is often used to treat the condition, there are natural treatments to explore.


    According to the Mayo Clinic, diets that exclude stimulants such as sugar and caffeine can help children with ADHD. There is some evidence that cutting out certain foods like wheat and dairy products also can cut down on some symptoms.


    Vitamins and mineral supplements are ineffective for children with ADHD, according to the Mayo Clinic. Big doses of vitamins actually can be harmful.

    Yoga and Mediation

    Activities and exercise such as yoga, meditation and tai chi can be helpful for people with ADHD. These activities require concentration and focus, two skills people with the condition find difficult; however, with the proper training, mediation and yoga can help reduce some symptoms.

    Herbs and Omega-3s

    According to the Mayo Clinic, there is no conclusive evidence that herbal supplements can help kids with ADHD. While there is some thought that essential fatty acids like omega-3s help brain function, no testing has been completed that examines their effect on kids with ADHD.

    Home Care

    The proper home care can go a long way for a child with ADHD. Giving him plenty of affection, setting a schedule, showing patience and making sure he is getting an adequate amount of rest can help alleviate symptoms of ADHD.


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