• You can tile over a laminate countertop, but you should first know a few things. First of all, a laminate can peel off over time. This is rare but it may happen and it is something to consider before you tile. Inspect your countertop for signs of peeling, or bubbles in the laminate. This is an area where the laminate piece has released from the wood surface it was applied to. Also, not all grouts will adhere to a laminate surface.

    Things to Know

    To detect areas where the laminate has peeled up from the surface, roll a rolling pin over the top of the counter and listen for cracking or tapping sounds. This is the laminate tapping against the surface. Now, place your hand on the counter top and press down in these spots again, noting whether the laminate buckles or taps against the wood surface. If it does, the laminate should be removed first, and you should not tile over it.

    Tiling on Laminate

    To tile over laminate, proceed with your grouting and tiling as you would on any other surface. However, you must first sand down the laminate lightly to remove the gloss. This can be completed with 360 grit sandpaper and TSP, a material that removes gloss. If you skip this step, over time you could find your grouted tile coming up in sections as the grout starts to break away from the laminate. Then spread the grout mortar over a square yard of the laminate and insert tiles in the pattern you choose. Insert spacers as you work to ensure the tiles are installed properly. You will cut and align the tiles the same way you would with any other tile installation.


    There are alternatives to tiling over laminate. These include removing the laminate surface, or laying down a subsurface over the laminate area. To remove the laminate, use a heat gun and solvent to dissolve the glue that holds the laminate in place. This process is time-consuming but it will yield the best result. Tile right over the surface once the laminate is removed, and only after all the glue is dissolved from the surface. Laying a subsurface can be done quickly and efficiently, simply by laying down a piece of plywood over the laminate and securing it in place with screws.


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