• A dog's nutritional needs change throughout pregnancy and some fluctuations in appetite are normal. So long as the dog continues to nibble and her appetite picks back up, there is no cause for alarm. If a dog stops eating entirely, take her to the vet.

    Early Pregnancy

    Pregnant dogs lose their appetite for three to 10 days during their third week of pregnancy, according to PetPlace. Like morning sickness in humans, this is due to nausea or upset stomach.

    Late Pregnancy

    Pregnant dogs require 25 percent to 30 percent more food during the final three to four weeks of pregnancy. Not eating at this time is a bad sign.


    It is normal for pregnant dogs to stop eating, or eat significantly less, in the 24 to 48 hours before their puppies are born.

    When To See a Vet

    If your dog refuses to eat anything for 24 hours or more---especially during the later stages of pregnancy---or the loss of appetite is accompanied by listlessness, take her to a veterinarian for X-rays or an ultrasound.

    Causes of Appetite Loss

    Loss of appetite could be a sign of other health issues, such as cancer, heart disease, bowel obstructions, hormonal disorders or stress.


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  • not sure, take him to the vet

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