• The German composer George Frideric Handel (1685-1749) wrote leading roles for true contraltos, a rare breed of female who can sing richly in a very low register. There are several types of true contralto. Because of modern music's tendency to feature higher voices, true contraltos face limited prospects.


    True contraltos are singers who can sing comfortably in the lowest possible tessitura or voice type, from F below middle C to A above the treble clef, according to Eric Myers in an article from "Opera News."


    True contraltos use the chest voice and sing in a low timbre. Their use of the chest register is higher in pitch than other voice types, according to classical singer and teacher David L. Jones.


    True contraltos are very rare to find. Because of the lack of many true contraltos in opera, for example, mezzo-sopranos end up taking these parts.

    Famous Ties

    Famous true contraltos include Marian Anderson, Kathleen Ferrier, Maureen Forrester, and Ernestine Schumann-Heink, along with the jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald.


    There are several types of true contraltos, according to classical singer and teacher David L. Jones. These include lyrical contraltos and Wagnerian dramatic contraltos.


    According to contralto Maureen Forrester, there is a lack of prospects for true contraltos, as teachers and economic demands are forcing lower voices to go higher.


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