• It depends on when the jeans were made. The first 501's (and even before that...the waist-overall) were a loose cut worker-style pant. In the 1940's they became more of a slim cowboy fit, they lossened up a little in the 50's and then in the 1960's-1990's they once again became a slim, almost tapered, fit. The newest cut for the 501 is very similar to the cut from the 1940's.
  • Having now owned a pair of genuine 1960s levi 501s for sometime , the difference is the feel of the denim , the weight of the denim , the colour of the denim , altogether they are just magnifiscnt jeans , better stitched , with a lot more detail to them ,, they have a red selvedge . a line if red cotton fabric from top to bottom of the inside outer leg , the stitching is of a beutifull deep gold colour , they have no rivits in the back pockets but a realy strong black bartack to hold them secure , they have a number stamped on the top waist button, more likely to be either 501 or a number in single or double figures, the red tag on the back pocket is different , it is usually in lower case letters i/e Levis, but in the older style s it is in capital letters i/e LEVIS known as bigE . altogether very collectable and worth keeping .See the pictures i have provided.

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