• Certified nursing assistant (CNA) training classes prepare students to monitor and give basic care to hospitalized or incapacitated patients and demonstrate proper communication with nurses.


    Depending on the program, CNA training classes may last just two weeks or take a couple of months to complete.

    General Curriculum

    CNA students learn how to properly measure vital signs, like blood pressure readings. CNA training classes also cover the correct ways to move, dress, bathe and feed patients. These training programs prepare students for the CNA certification test. Students must pass both the written and practical portions of the certification test before they can seek employment.

    First Aid

    CNA training classes teach basic first aid maneuvers, such as how to handle a choking patient.

    Online Training

    Students can complete part of their training online, but hands-on experience ensures mastery of the curriculum.


    According to, nursing homes and long-term medical care facilities occasionally offer free CNA classes. Community colleges, hospitals and The Red Cross offer CNA training classes for a fee.

    Source: CNA Training Classes and Programs

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