• Neural foraminal narrowing, also called neural foraminal stenosis, affects your spine. More specifically, this disorder involves the narrowing of your foramina. Once your foramina become constricted, you typically experience symptoms in your arms and legs.


    Neural foramina are the natural openings between your the vertebrae in your spine. These openings, or holes, are responsible for holding your spinal root nerves, which pass through them to other areas of your body.


    Stenosis, or the narrowing of your neural foramina, commonly occurs because of disc degeneration, according to Spine Health.


    Symptoms associated with this disorder include tingling, pain, numbness or weakness in your affected areas.


    According to Health Spine, your doctor may have difficulty diagnosing the neural foraminal narrowing because your pain may not be continuous even through it's likely to increase as the years pass.


    Treatment for neural foraminal narrowing involves lifestyles changes and short-term relief. If the pain becomes too severe, you may have to undergo surgery.


    The Spinal Columns: Neural Foraminal Narrowing

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