• A DVR Smartbox is a digital video recorder that also serves as the set-top box to receive the digital signal from Bright House, the cable television provider.

    Set-Top Box

    A set-top box is the device used by your cable provider to receive the encrypted digital signal and deliver it to your television. It is usually included as part of your cable subscription.

    Digital Set-Top Box

    If you subscribe to digital cable service, you will require a digital set-top box to receive the signal. This is a box that receives the digital signal via a cable and delivers it via another cable to your television.

    Smart Box

    A Smartbox is a set-top box that also has interactive features. You not only receive signals from the box in the form of television shows, but you can also communicate with the box and request certain programming, including on-demand programming and local interactive features. The Smartbox also allows you to pause live programming or rewind to the beginning of shows you started watching late.


    DVR stands for digital video recorder. This is the modern equivalent of a videotape recorder, and it permits you to record the programming received through your digital signal. The beauty of a DVR versus a videotape is that it can be programmed in much easier ways to do far more. You can easily program the DVR to record every episode of a certain program or only new episodes or only those episodes that air at a certain day or time. Programming is done with a remote control interface that is simple to use. You can even watch one live program while recording another channel or watch a recorded program while recording two additional live programs.

    A DVR Smartbox

    A DVR Smartbox combines the features of a digital smartbox that receives and decodes the digital data from Brighthouse cable, with a DVR that allows recording of programs. The two functions are combined in one device, and the device comes as part of your digital cable package, without any additional fees. Using this device and the remote control that comes with it, you can preprogram recording of programs, request on-demand programming, interact with interactive local channels and fast-forward live programming (or rewind programming when you come in late).


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