• sorry NO.
  • I've been around for a long time and can tell you that I've been deeply saddened at the passing of many people. Not just the ones that were close and dear to me, but there were also others whom I admired from a distance, who had achieved great things in their own way. . There have been some great statesmen and political leaders who came along at just the right time in history only to be taken prematurely (JFK), leaving us to wonder if we'll ever see the likes of them again in our lifetime. There have been brilliant scientists and inventors who were snuffed out because their ideas would bring about change that would benefit the world, but would also have effected profit margins of big business. I'm thinking of the pharmaceutical giants for an example here, do you not think the cure for cancer has already been found and hidden away?. On another note (pardon the pun), there have also been many great musicians and singers who have passed on. Through their music they were able to reach right into my soul and touch me in such a way that I will always remember them. Etta James, Ray Charles, BB King... and the list goes on.
  • It was when Anna Nicole Smith died. Her life was filled with many ups and downs; the death of her son and the scrutiny when she married J. Howard Marshall and the custody battle over her daughter. It was a tragic loss that didn't have to happen.

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