• If you have let him live there then that is his residence and he has some rights so would be more difficult. Best to just ask him to leave and let him do it on his own. You are not responsible for the cable bill. Otherwise you get an eviction order which has the force of law. In other words the police would see that he leaves if necessary. Easier if he has violated a written agreement by not paying rent because then he has not kept his part of the contract. Who are you? Do you know how to use punctuation?
  • In the USA he is not just a guest he is an occupant. You allowed him to make your house his home and now he has rights. Give him written notice to vacate the premises within 30 days. Then call your police or sheriff's office and ask them what else you need to do. I some jurisdictions the notice can be a 14 days notice. The police can tell you. You can look this up in your state's landlord/tenant statute or your city's ordinances. Some cities have stricter regulations than the state requires.

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