• Not necessarily. One of the major problems today is if there is too much difference you are both in different thought patterns. desires can be greatly different. Depending on age of consent laws in the various states there is a 4 year age difference limitation. If you and the other person truly love one another you can make it work out.
  • OMG hell no.......I'm a gay guy and my late partner was 18 yrs. older than me!! he loved to say that he graduated high school the year I was born!!! we got along very very well and our families accepted our relationship.. the only very minor thing is that he hated R&B music, which of course was not part of his generation.......... we never quarreled, had the same taste in most things, and were together 27 years!!!!... so no, IT'S NOT WRONG.......LOVE KNOWS NO AGE!!! stay with them and enjoy each other.......
  • only if youre underage

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