• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Many Are Very Safe

    Many newer heated mattress pads convert standard 120-volt power to a very safe level below 25 volts. This significantly reduces the risk of overheating should there be a malfunction or the risk electrocution should it get wet.

    On the Other: They Aren't for Everyone

    There are risks with older heated mattress pads operating at 120 volts, and even the newer ones aren't right for everyone. Babies are likely to experience burning at lower temperatures, and no one with incontinence or an inability to use a mattress pad's temperature controls should ever risk using one.

    Bottom Line

    There aren't many electric mattress pad accidents on record, but warnings that come with some of them clearly state the safety points and potential risks. As long as all safety standards are adhered to, the use of a heated mattress pad is safe.


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