• That seems like an awfully judgemental assumption on your part. Are all the people who you think are being rude to you coming from church? How is your behavior affecting theirs?
  • We are living in the age of rudeness. Read 2 Timothy chapter 3. Many people have forgotten their niceties. In church or not, expect to see selfish, depressed and frustrated people.
  • They just haven't been enlightened on the virtues of being Atheistic the way you have. Be patient and help them understand how ridiculous believing in God is. I'm sure they'll be much more agreeable people once they see things your way.
  • I'm not a big church-goer, but maybe it's because the non-church-going crowd has become more, accusatory, antagonistic, and opinionated than ever before.
  • Lol, rather an ironic question I think. It seems to me there are just a LOT of rude people these days. Their mothers must have never taught them any manners.
  • Why don't you speak to the people who you are finding offensive at the Sunday breakfast, this isn't something I can answer.

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