• If you are considering financing for your business then you will need to create a business plan to present to financial institutions and investors. It helps to have an understanding of what the investors will be looking for as you put your plan together.

    Realistic Goals

    According to investors want to see realistic and achievable goals in your business plan. Your investors will have an idea of what should be considered realistic goals for your industry and your type of business, so you need to show them that you know your business too and have goals that can be reached.

    Executive Experience

    Entrepreneur magazine suggests that even if you have a great idea, if you do not have an executive team with relevant experience then investors will be hesitant to fund your business.


    Barclays Bank says that investors want to see that your company has a strong sales history, and the potential to create profits in the future. A history of solid revenue numbers with impressive annual growth can ease the mind of many investors.

    Concise Schemes

    A potential investor will be impressed if you can present your ideas in a clear and concise manner. This shows a strong focus and ability to think clearly.


    Investors want to feel confident that you understand the competition and have a plan to win in the marketplace. If you are a smaller company then it helps to have a realistic view of larger competitors as opposed to an overly optimistic perception that you can compete in areas where it is obvious that you cannot.


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