• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Government Investigation

    The Better Business Bureau gives Freedom Debt Relief a rating of F, the lowest rating a company can receive. The whole industry of debt settlement is under government scrutiny. Freedom Debt Relief is one of 14 debt settlement companies under government investigation for questionable business practices, including fee structures and the types of relief really offered.

    On the Other: Credit Counseling Can Help

    Debt settlement or reduction can help people who have excessive unsecured debt. Most creditors are receptive to negotiating the debt owed in order to get some money as opposed to having someone declare bankruptcy and receiving nothing. But individuals can do what Freedom Debt Relief does themselves. People can negotiate unsecured debt by contacting debtors and making arrangements with no middleman involved. You can also receive advice from low-cost or free certified credit counselors.

    Bottom Line

    Based on the government investigation and the Better Business Bureau's ratings, Freedom Relief is not a reliable company. The New York State attorney general's office advises contacting a reliable credit counselor to develop a financial plan that meets your needs. The National Federation of Debt Counseling provides low-cost and free access to accredited credit counselors and consumer tools.


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