• <h4 class="dechead">On One Hand: Takes Away Jobs

    When there is a minimum wage or when one is raised, many businesses will not be able to afford the extra expense and may eliminate jobs as a result. Also, if it becomes too expensive to conduct business where minimum wage is in place or is set too high, businesses may choose to relocate. The fewer jobs there are, the harder it will be for unskilled workers, in particular, to get a job.

    On the Other: People Want Minimum Wage Standards

    Psychologically, people feel better if they have a minimum wage. Minimum wage, some workers believe, keeps their employers from exploiting them. A minimum wage allows workers to develop a measure of trust with their employer.

    Bottom Line

    When a minimum wage is set or when one is raised, prices go up to reflect this. Therefore, the unskilled laborer making minimum wage is no better off than before, since the higher prices negate the wage increase. If businesses relocate to places with no or low minimum wage laws, there will be fewer available jobs for unskilled workers in the areas they abandon.

    Source:; Neal and Clark's Minimum Wage Debate

  • i think it helps, wish i could find a minimum wage job, i cant even find that

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