• Escaping to the tropics--or anywhere in the world--aboard a cruise ship, doesn't have to be expensive. Costs of cruising vary widely between cruise lines, but the true cost of cruising is found in the extra money you spend while on board the ship and out exploring ports.


    Expect to pay around $350 for a three day cruise in the Caribbean and around $700 for a seven day cruise with Carnival or Royal Caribbean as of November 2009. Climbing aboard a luxury liner owned by Holland America or Princess Cruises generally cost between $700 and $2,000 for cruises of the same length.


    Cruising to the Caribbean is the most affordable destination as of 2009. Excursions around the world lasting four months or more are offered by luxury liners and are the most expensive choice, starting at around $15,000.

    Extra Costs

    Expect to open your wallet more than when you first pay for your cruise. Alcohol, gambling, dining in ports and souvenirs are not free.


    Cruise companies offer port excursions that are memorable and fun but costly. Decide ahead of time if you are willing to pay top dollar for snorkeling trips or city tours.

    Be Spa Savvy

    Onboard spas offer a full line of pampering services. Expect to pay high prices and budget accordingly if you are interested in beautifying self-indulgence.

    Cruise Bargain Hunting

    Contact cruise lines a day before the ships leave home port and ask about last-minute specials. Cruise companies want to fill their ships and will offer last-minute specials to do so.


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