• If you are like most people, getting your birth certificate is important only when it is missing. Due to new technological advances, finding out where you can get a copy of your birth certificate is now easier. Here's how to do it if you were born in Detroit.

    Where to Go

    Before you get started on your quest to locate your birth certificate, ask yourself if you are a native of Detroit. According to the Detroit's Vital Records Section, to procure a certified birth certificate from them, you need to prove that your birth occurred within the city limits. Michigan's Records Department has a policy of only keeping records of births that happened after Oct. 1, 1978. You may need to write to the state of Michigan to get your birth certificate if you were born before Oct. 1, 1978 (see Resources). The next step is to visit Detroit's Vital Records Department (See Resources). You can purchase regular birth certificate copies as well as certified copies. The fees in 2009 start at $20 for one copy and $5 for an additional copy. The office is open from 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. During the back-to-school season, the office has longer hours to accommodate parents enrolling their children in school. The department also has a website to search for records (see Resources). It is recommended that you purchase two copies of your birth certificate to avoid needing to perform the search unnecessarily in the future.


    Application for copy of birth certificate


    Detroit Vital Records Section

    Michigan Vital Records Website

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