• I live in a black neighbor..Most are fed up with the Democratic control. Most will not vote.The others want Trump. Sometimes the hopeless get hope however they can.
  • No the problem is they have been looking to the government for their salvation rather than to their own industry, sacrifice, and resourcefulness.
  • That was a super simplified attempt at a complex issue! First of all ur taking two things that have no actual correlation & putting them together. Poor people dont nessicarily run more Demcrat at all & even if they dod that's not the issue. The issue is THE POOR, THE MINORITIES, THE OSTRACIZED etc... R the groups of people wh, tho they r DESPERATLY IN NEED OF POLITICAL SAVING, POWER WHATEVA, r one of the smallest voting blocks. The poor just don't vand together & FORCE CHANGE, FORCE THEIR ISSUES TO FINALLY B ADDRESSED. NOPE, the 1% r gunna get mote fucking tax breaks WHILE WE ACTUALLY HAVE THE DUCKING NERVE TO SAY, u kno who's the problem? That dirt poor single mom surviving on CRUMBS! Ya lets cut herAGAIN
  • there needs to be more representation of citizens and regular every day Americans than these two super rich political parties. (seriously where are the scientists, engineers, teachers, the every day american that contributes more that these scab politicians?) That's why i voted green, because there needs to be less of what we have now. SO DONT SWITCH SIDES, PICK A NEW SIDE THAT ISNT THE TWO RACIST, FASCIST, DEMOCRATS OR REPUBLICANS. PICK SOMETHING NEW FOR THE FUTURE, because if you think because a new president is there some positive change will happen your wrong, the same ideals are shared in both of these rich selfish parties, we need the under dog to change this country.

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