• For me, it is the sense of rhythm with the drums is laughable....when I drum in the car, my kids break up....LOL
  • Definately the drums! I took both drums and guitar and the guitar strings would hurt my fingers and I didn't hold it right and it was a mess! Drums is soooo much easier but a little noisier!
  • I dont know why people will say drums. Sure drumming takes alot of talent/taste but guitar is so much more complicated. Take a look at an EXTREMELY talented guitarist and an EXTREMELY talented drummer: Micheal Angelo Batio (Guitar): Neil Peart (Drums): I dont know about you but i think if there was a "drums vs guitar" duel michael angelo batio (MAB) would own Peart, or any other very good drummer for that matter.
  • i would say guitar is harder from my own experience anyhows. i took well to both but found drums alot easier to follow. and at a basic level drumming sounds better than basic guitar. . . making it seem simpler. . for drums you need a sense of rhythm and good co-ordination. . on a guitar you need those and be able to apply them to 6 strings and play to the beat of the drummer. in my oppinion drums are far easier but thats just me. good question btw +2
  • Although I've never played the drums, I have done a bit of classical guitar playing, and I would have to go with the guitar as being harder.
  • Yeah i think we all agree on Guitar. But, if you cant count a beat, then you're S.O.L. I like both though. Guitar is my passion. And drums are something i cant afford.
  • I am a guitarist who has tried VERY hard to play drums, but the energy is so hard to keep up for three minutes, let alone a full set. I would say 100% drums.

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