• I don't know about where you are, but I doubt that any country has a minimum wage which is actually a suitable living wage (despite what the government may insist) let alone a good living wage once it is reduced - no.
  • No,minimum wage is way to low as it is,and never keeps up with the cost of living and inflation.It is no wonder people have to work 2 jobs to get by.It should be raised to meet he standards of other first world countries. If it is lowered the poor will get poorer and the rich richer.
  • We will see,if those who are working on Min wage agree that it should be rolled back
  • 6-6-2017 The government should entirely butt out of price controls. The constitution says the government was created to preserve the blessing of liberty, not to control everything to death. The big trouble is the people. They give lip service to freedom until somebody does something actually free. Then they start saying "Uh oh, we gotta put a stop to that!"

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