• "celebrities" are just people who get their pictures taken a lot ... doesn't make any of them inherently any more or less "admirable" than the rest of the population
  • Tiger Woods is a great guy being a human being. Why can't we be great and not be swayed by panderers sucking an average human being's private life dry ad nauseum. He hit a tree the rest is his own affair. I think he was someone who could play golf better than anyone, I don't remember him signing up for the priesthood. He's on the road to life and it's mysteries and teachings just like we all are.
  • Most of the people I can think of are gone. There are probably quite a few.
  • I think he HAS led an admirable life. Does one lapse finish a person for good? I don't think so. He's a human being, and perfection is not of this world. All his other strong points remain: Modesty, dedication, hard work, kindness to others, and so on. Leave this to him and his wife to work out.
  • I admire Woods and continue to do so despite his recent outing as an adulterer (etc.) I do so because of his classy behavior throughout most of his career. This most recent thing was never meant to be public and probably shouldn't be given much weight. . Confusing any variety of celebrities with heroes is a terrible mistake that parents teach their children to make. . If an athlete is great at something, admire that greatness at something, don't write him or her a blank check for admiration that you will one day regret.
  • Tom Hanks, Matt Damon and Harrison Ford have been faithful to their far as anyone knows.
  • Tiger isn't a 'bad' guy because of what he did. The fact that it's publicized is the only difference between mistakes that you and I make. Tons of people have affairs. Tons of celebrities have affairs and just haven't been caught. Who cares. That's life. I don't think having an affair makes you a bad person. Killing someone, for example, does.
  • The number of people who lead "admirable" lives in general is very small. When you consider the type of person who wants to be a celebrity of some type, the number dwindles drastically.
  • Who knows, people after his money including his wife and dozens of wanna bes tempted him with something he never had before and didn't know how to handle. I'm not defending him but there are 2 sides to every story. His wife closed on a house in September. What does that say? John Lenno said "When you have money the leeches come out of the woodwork"
  • I can only think of one off the top of my head---Eydie Gorme and her husband Steve Lawrence. The singing/stage duo have been married since 1957. No infidelity there. Well, I don't think so. Lol.

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