• I can be nice but people do not walk all over me because if I like a person and I can help them I will. I do not call that being walked all over.
  • I am nice, but I don't let people walk all over me because if they tried, then I'm stomping over them with a size 12 steel toe boot, lol
  • Not anymore, I'm naive but revenge is best when served cold if you're taken advantage of
  • I am nice and no people do not walk all over me. As I matured, I learned not to hang around with those kind of people and to ignore them and/or avoid them. Its generally not necessary to have confrontations or battles.
  • Nope. Negativity gets negativity, confrontation gets confrontation, and violence gets violence. And vice versa. I allow the other to decide how he wants to play it, and that is how it gets played. If he doesn't like where that road has led, he has no one to blame but himself.

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