• i'm not sure...i was depressed for the longest time and no one knew about it...i was so close to taking my own life but i tried to see myself in the future ...i searched for something to look forward too and i held onto that like i never have before and now i am less depressed than i was (my boyfriend helped me through it) :D helped alot...whatever you do, don't give up on yourself or whoever you asked this question for
  • Yes, just like there are ways to get over having a broken leg, or the flu, or diabetes. Clinical depression is a disease, and there are treatments for it. Some of the treatments (which often work best if combined) include: --Talk therapy --Medications --Dietary changes --Exercise --Exposure to sunlight --Lifestyle changes --Regular concerted focus on gratitude/appreciation --Nutritional supplements --Mediation --Behavior therapy. I'm sure I'm leaving a few out. But there are things that make depression get better. Good luck.
  • yes i grew out of it now my life is 10x worse and i dont get depressed i get drunk and high i think thats worse though but i feel happy
  • Yes. There are many ways of getting through it. Between counseling and/or medications, most people can be treated for it successfully.
  • Personally. . . . . . . .I think eating right, exercising, and taking a multiple vitamin EVERYDAY helps A LOT! Stay busy! It's the best way to keep your mind OCCUPIED and meeting NEW PEOPLE that can ADD VALUE to your life! Choose the WRONG influences. . . . . .and you'll DOOM yourself VERY QUICKLY!
  • I know alot of people do not believe in meds...but I was stuck in a depression and I was in too deep... and the Meds helped me and continue to help +6
  • Stay busy, exercise, avoid alcohol. That is a start. Make friends who have a positive outlook on life. Remember that many things that people think are hardships and misfortunes are actually the normal stuff of existence. Make sure your expectations and goals are actually attainable.
  • For me it was sheer determination & bloody mindedness, that and realising how shit my life could really be. I went to visit my Grandad in his care home, he was double incontinent, and never got to go outside, and those were but the tip of the iceberg, no matter how depressing your life is, being in his position was far worse!

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