• Oh i don't know. Some serial killer: Omfg i have soooo much guilt now that i have killed one hundred and thirty five people. Well, time to get over it because tommorow it's two hundred! What do you think?
  • I think that you would always have guilt for taking someones life, at least I would. But the individuals that do kill other people, don't seem to be right in the head anyways, so I don't know if they would feel guilt the same way.
  • Premediatated - NO Otherwise - Maybe
  • yes, some murderers are just better at surpressing it than others.
  • Some yes, Some no. In the UK they have to admit and say how remorseful they are before they can get out of prison on licence On a bad day a life sentence can be 12 years, or with Tony Blair if you are lucky 2 yrs for 13 deaths
  • It's complicated. Some do. There is a rare breed of humans known as sociopaths who do not feel shame or guilt. Other people, in order to commit murder, probably came up with some rational for the act, a rational that may stay in place for any amount of time. Other people commit murder on a technicality. That is to say that they were covicted of murder even though they only meant to beat someone up (intent to commit grevious bodily harm) or someone died while they were commiting a felony (felony-morder rule). Those people may very well not feel responsible for the actual death. Some people commit murder because they think they aqre defending themselves, but their violent response was unjustified. Some people might think that the victim deserved it (because the victim was in the process of raping the person's wife, for instance). I'm sure that quite a few do feel quilty, I suspect it is not nearly as many as you would think. I just sat through a two-week murder trial. The defendent was angry at the conviction, probably because he only meant to beat up the victim, not kill him.
  • I would like to think so. I mean, I feel bad about the little things, so I can't imagine someone NOT feeling guilty about murder. Unless it was some crazy instance like revenge for seriously hurting their child. Thats the only thing I can think of that I wouldnt feel bad about.
  • It depends on several factors. Like branciforte said, some killers are sociopaths and are simply unable to feel remorse for what they've done, or even see that it's wrong to kill someone. Usually when the killer goes to great lengths to cover up the crime is a clue that the person felt some kind of guilt about the crime or at least had a realization that what they've done is wrong.
  • I guess it depends on the individual. If they have no conscience, then they probably don't have any guilt.
  • Honestly, no, to be able to kill someone you'd have to be off in the head to begine with. I think they're more woried about saving their own skin then anything. That's why they claim remorse after thy're caught. It's all a big ploy for liencey.
  • Perhaps some do but I'm sure there are many that do not. A good reason to always be vigilant. A young woman on tv shared this story: She had returned to her vehicle after shopping, a shirt was stuck on her windshield wiper. The wiper was tucked into the sleeve. She said her first inclination was to remove it before driving off. She happened to notice a car running nearby and made the good decision just to drive away with the shirt stuck on the wiper. She removed it when she got to a safe place. Had she not stopped to think it may have cost her dearly.
  • It depends on the killer and if it was intentional, if it was an accident then of course they would. But some people kill even worse people like in the war as an example, even though that person made the decision to kill a bad men for the good of the people, he could still feel guilty of taking a person'a life, executioners probably feel this. But then there are also people who would feel no guilt killing a bad person, like hitler, because he did so much bad he deserves it. Finally there are actual psychopaths, where it is literally a medical condition where they feel no emotion or apathy for anyone.
  • Nope !!!
  • Some do.

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