• Those expensive little energy drinks work pretty well for me, and contrary to some opinions they aren't primarily caffeine-driven, although they do have some. But there comes a point where they fail too, and a nap is the only answer.
  • 5 hour energy, amp, red bull, monster, etc. : all energy drinks
  • find something absorbing to do while you stay up, not watch Tv or you wil just drop off, play a video game or something that requires your full concentration. Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer is good at that. ^^
  • Apple juice has a very special type of fructose that has been proven to be more waking than caffeine. Ginseng is an extremely helpful catalyst that will help your body burn sugars like fructose cleaner and easier. Cinnamon & ginger are helpful to the blood & blood vessels and help circulation a bit. And of course caffeine is a good general stimulant. ... so, what I do is, I start to make a cup of coffee in my stove top espresso maker, then while it is heating, I put a packet of instant ginseng tea into my coffee cup, add a slight dash of powdered ginger, add a slight dash of powdered cinnamon, add some sugar, then pour some apple juice in a separate glass and drink it while waiting for the coffee to be ready ... then pour the coffee into the prepared cup and chase the apple juice with it ... all while breathing deeply to boost my blood/oxygen levels ... then I reach around and massage my kidney tips / adrenal glands, concentrate, and squirt a blast of adrenaline into my blood. ... works well for me ...
  • vaso pro every four hours should keep you hooked up until you need xenadrine rfa1, but you can guess what they might sell.
  • Hmmmmm...... speed?
  • just more caffeine
  • Stop drinking caffeine so often, so you will get the benefit of it when you really need it.

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