• I don't know.. I'm not exactly sure what type of gamertag you are looking for but I could help you with a list of nouns and verbs. Here you go. Cool Nouns chaos assassin marine scion paladin midnight assilant jedi abyss paradox permafrost wolf shroud shadow rogue reaper defender ash ghost ice echo falcon shade killer cyborg necromancer executioner viking slayer relic plague beacon battalion captain king snake viper terrorist titan triforce trooper annihilator death darth vadar yoda typhoon ranger elf chief blizzard warrior radiance hero gladiator Cool Verbs foul beastly ascended legendary shadowed arctic insidious swift arbitrated hellbound holy myopic luminous nightly knightly transcended heavenly unholy catastrophic mystic saintly vigilant afflicted vanquished timeless demonic chaotic vile saintly ambient goric angelic fast super honorable vicious I also made a letter identifier for someone that just wants a quick name and doesn’t really care. For the verbs, use the 2nd letter of your first name, and for nouns use the 1st letter of your last name to identify the word. ( Example: If your name was “Mike Schmidt”.. your name would be “Shadowed Ghost”) Of course you don’t have to use this method if you don’t want to, after all its your name, right? If you don’t like the name it gave you then just use a different order of lettering for your first and last name. ( Example: use the 3rd, 4th, or 1st letter of your first name etc…. same goes with last name.) For verbs A.foul B.beastly C.ascended D.legendary E.arctic F.insidious G.swift H.arbitrated I.shadowed J.hellbound K.myopic L.luminous M.nightly N.transcended O.heavenly P.super Q.unholy R.catastrophic S.mystic T.saintly U.vigilant V.afflicted W.vicious X.timeless Y.vanquished Z.aqua For nouns A.chaos B.assassin C.marine D.scion E.paladin F.midnight G.assilant H.jedi I.abyss J.paradox K.permafrost L.wolf M.shroud N.shadow O.rogue P.reaper Q.defender R.ash S.ghost U.echo V.falcon W.shade X.killer Y.cyborg Have a blast THE END
  • I vote for Captain Kickass :)

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