• In short: NO. First off, while many people enter the Way of the Martial Arts trying to be the deadliest people in the world, it is not true that the final objective of most, if any, Arts is this. Many Masters say that the best battle someone can win is one that he doesn't fight. Most martial arts are not designed to make you an instant killer. Secondly, don't expect any miracle to come down on you, any light to come through your window in the night and make you the most skilled fighter- it all depends on your dedication, on your objectives, and on the amount of training you get. Any school that promises to teach you to be an "expert" in less than two years (at the lowest minimum) is probably a scam. General net consensus seems to be that results can be seen within a few months but the elusive "MASTERY" is the product of YEARS and YEARS of dedicated work. Don't be fooled by false promises.
  • Can't speak for the guy in question, but yeah, it's easily possible, if you are willing and able, you can be made into a vicious fighter in 3 months. Anyone who says it cannot be done, look at the military, they do it all the time. This is not to say that in 3 months you will be a martial arts master or anything, but in 3 months, you will be mean and be well able to defend yourself in a fight, you just won't have any deep rooted skill, you'll just be able to fight. However, you must bear in mind, a large number of martial arts will focus a lot of your training on things that are not intended for application in a real fight. So from ANY of these martial arts, you certainly cannot expect to be able to fight well in 3 months. Training for tournaments or sparring will not aid in your ability to fight real people who really want to hurt you. It's not even fair to call these arts "Martial" arts, (martial = of or relating to war) no i don't think that scoring the most points by making contact with someone else with your arms or feet has anything to do with the vicious nature of a real fight, and don't kid yourself you will perform what you practice, if you train for sparring, then in a real fight, you will suffer for the ineptitude or your training. You don't bring a rubber knife to a knife fight. So to return to the question above, someone can make a mean fighter out of you in 3 months, you'd be able to fight very well, but you wouldn't be a master, and you wouldn't have any dicipline. So if they are really someone who can do that for you, and all you want to do is learn to fight, yeah go for it.
  • Their are many styles of fighting . All of them work . The thought that his style will make you a Full Certified Warrier & Killer indicates his maturity level . Martial artists train for years to become "average" and then many more years to become "better". The goal of killing is not the goal of a serious fighter. Soldiers have minimal hand -to -hand combat skills. They use weapons to kill at a distance. Police also have minimal hand-to hand skills . (some stick skills) Both of these groups train (hand-to-hand) for short periods of time. Get better goals hope this helps
  • I can easily write and sign a certificate in 3 minutes (for how much?), never mind 3 months, but it will not make you a TRUE master of anything ... and I can show you many different ways to kill (I used to show soldiers in a mere 6 weeks), but a skilled person will be able to defeat these killing methods unless you practice and refine for a much longer time than just 3 months ... ... so he could be serious about his claims, and his style may be serious, but I would still not recommend it without adding a whole lot more and then adding plenty more time for refinement ...
  • Well, in three months of serious, dedicated training can produce good results. However, there's a reason why professional warriors like knights and samurai were trained from a very young age, so that the time they were in their late teens, they were accomplished martial artists. This greatly increased their survivability. Modern military training can make functional soldiers in a reasonably short time, but warfare now is not like it was then. If he's a good instructor and the training is excellent, then well and good. Sounds kinda hokey to me though.
  • I have found that wealthy people are harder to make into "killers" than poorer people.
  • Total ripoff. I can do it for you in one month, plus give you the superpower of your choice, for only ten thousand dollars. 😆
  • No. Instant gratification is not part of martial arts. You will have to go to a two-hour class at least twice a week, then practice on your own at least a hour every day, just to ingrain the movements into body memory so the movements can be done without thinking about them. Striking, blocking, chin-na, etc., must be like blinking your eyes, or snapping your fingers. In a street fight you don't get to call time-out while you remember the pattern, adjust your position, prepare the bridge, and so on. Everything must be automatic or instinctual. The next obstacle is to overcome fear, maintain calmness, and develop the killer instinct necessary to damage the attacker. Next comes a LOT of experience, both in sparring and actual fighting. You're looking at minimum five to ten years training in external styles, and double that for Neijia. In other words, you have to REALLY not want to get beat up, maimed or killed to invest the time and effort into this venture.

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