• I went right out of High School, but I plan on going back in the next year or so. Good luck Shatzee! Don't be flirting with any of those young boys.
  • I went to undergraduate school right after high school, but then waited another ten years or so to get my Masters. Now, at the age of 66, I'm considering going back to get my PhD. : )
  • I went right after high school, I figured the transition would be easier, but it's never too late to further your education.
  • I went to college immediately out of high school. I went back to school and graduated with my Masters 30 years after I graduated with my B.S. Never to late to go back.
  • Good luck Shatzee! I waited 21 years to go to college. I think I got a better ...and a different...experience out of it because I was more mature. It was hard, since I had to raise my daughter at the same time...but it was a LOT of fun! Enjoy! :^)
  • I went while still in high school,after high school and as recently as a few years ago.I almost know everything!LOL!
  • I went to college 20 years after I got out of high school. It is never to late....Have fun!
  • I left school earlier this year, now I'm in college. I plan to go to Uni in a few years aswell. Good luck Shatzee!
  • Good luck with classes! I did both - went from school to Uni. Then I worked for 10 years, then went back to Uni again, then worked for a while, then continued to work full time while studying part time - so I suppose I have been through all possibilities!
  • I went to college right away and wished I had waited a year to go and worked to save money. I went a couple years and then took some time off and then went back 5 years later. I was so much more ready after those 5 years because I was more mature and knew what I wanted. I am proud of you for going to college after 15 years. This is to your advantage in that you are more mature and willing to work/study for what you want. You won't be there just to party. It may feel strange in some classes that you are ..maybe early 30's and they are 18 and 19 but you should be REALLY proud of yourself.
  • I went right away after high school. Good luck with classes! You will have fun!
  • straight after for me! what you studying?
  • I waited 2 years and didn't finish. Good luck with that, I know you will do great...+
  • HEY THAT'S AWESOME!!GOOD FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!i went right after H.S.
  • I went directly after HS to junior college, got my AA then went to a 4 year college, but never graduated... I lack 36 hours! :(
  • I dabbled in school for 6 years after high school, then decided to get serious.
  • I joined the US Navy right after HS & served 10 years. I turned 30 my freshman year.

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