• You can offer to go to grief counseling with her or regular therapy. Grief Counseling is great in that she can meet other people who know exactly how she feels and she can share how she feels. She can make great friends there. I hold grief counseling groups and I am telling you that she needs this. She needs the one on one private therapy to deal with the loneliness and depression. She may be suicidal or want to go "be with him". A therapist can help with that. A therapist can also set her up with any services she might need: home health services, transportation for medical reasons. You cannot put your life on hold for long because then you might start getting bitter. She is going to HAVE to have more help than you can give her: trained professional help. It sounds like she is in a major depression and in depression people don't want to meet people, they just cry all the time,sleep too much, not care for themselves (shower, change clothes, get medical care). Let her know you are there but she really needs therapy.
  • Get her into some local clubs and support groups. That you're 22 and don't already know this, tells me you weren't raised right to begin with. It's probably what's got her depressed in the first place
  • if shes lonely maybe you can get her a puppy to keep her company

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