• a care bear, the cunning bastard.
  • I suppose the most important ones are: lies, deception and doubt.
  • why is Satan bothering? we're doing a great job on our own
  • The power of suggestion. Spiritual suggestion and influence.
  • Doubt is probably the most used weapon, but fear is another one he uses often. People are so often afraid of what they can't understand, or that is different from how they do things. Demonic entities feed off of negative energy - sadness, grief, despair, anger, hatred, frustration. We're being assaulted on all sides by these emotions, particularly in these times. I hope that you're not planning on doing any devil-worshiping, because that not only changes the people that are involved in it, but it leaves a stain on whatever area it was used in. I'm not sure if you are just curious or not, but I will feel better knowing that I did warn you.
  • mans ego
  • Because we are all imperfect, Satan uses our weak self control to do things HIS way. And they are all bad ways... cheating, lying, unfaithfulness, disobedient to what Jesus asked...Matthew 28: 19,20
  • an evil weapon
  • Our sinful inclinations.
  • guns and cars it seems like
  • Charm?
  • One could be the time that has passed between Jesus telling us of Jehovah God's NEW system [ the Kingdom ] and itsfinal establishment... Jesus has now ruled in heaven since 1914...and it now 103 years passed ...more than a full generation...Even the Jews in Babylon were ONLY in slavery for 70 years... And we still have to have the fulfillment of (Revelation 17:17) For God put it into their hearts to carry out his thought, yes, to carry out their one thought by giving their kingdom to the wild beast, until the words of God will have been accomplished. There have been some signs, such as Trump getting on with China...but ALL the governments of the world have to agree on eliminating religion...Only then will the TRUE religion be revealed. The ONE that survives the tribulation.

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