• No, it is not legal according to the "Legal aspects of Photography" a book published many years ago. If someone takes your photograph without your concent and publishes that photo, in other words shows it to anyone else but himself and you then you have legal right to sue. Even if you are in the background of a photo of someone else and you are recognizable. Have you ever noticed on TV programs like Cops and others, they blurr out the faces of other incidental people. this is the reason they do it. If you have gathered around to see what is going on and you know they are photographing you have the choice to leave or have in effect given permission to be filmed by staying. If this photo the person took is of you alone and he publishes it anywhere he is in violation of the laws of photography.
  • Well, if this is in Texas, you don't need the law. A gun should get the point across just fine. (just kidding! Into everyone's life a little stereotyping must fall.)
  • While it's morally objectionable the majority of the time, morality and the law are NOT equals. As long as the subject is NOT in a place that entitles them to a reasonable expectation of privacy such as a bedroom in a private residence, a locker room or medical facility it's entirely legal to not only take a photo of an unsuspecting subject in public (i.e a woman reading a book in a Starbucks) but to publish it as well for non-commercial use regardless of whether or not the subject feels violated. Sources:

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