• My current pet is low maintenance. I had a dog that was 17 when I put her to sleep and she needed a groomer every 2 months. So when I got this dog, I knew I was going to be getting one that I didn't have to groom. She is small and I bath her myself. She don't need a haircut. She is Chihuahua/Pomeranian Mix...and sweet as sugar! invis. +5 Icy!
  • average. we get what we have to get for them, and then some.
  • i have a white long haired cat and she is high maintenance! i can never clean up enough hair. if she doesnt like her food she dumps it out of the bowl,wont eat wet food, only starts meawing when im on the computer she has to always rub at my feet when im on the toilet and prefers to drink from it. (when its clean of course)but i still love her
  • Really low maintenance.
  • I'm learning that he is quite high maintenance everything from the tip of his little nose to his butt hair (which has to be trimmed so that poop doesn't stick in it)has to be attended to. I sort of inherited him from a customer when the man died while I was house-sitting for him. I only sat for him for a week so I didn't know about all of the up keep he required, every dog I've ever had was extremely low maintenance so adjusting to the time and cost of this dog has taught me quite a bit about myself as a pet owner.
  • One high! One low! :-/ The young Cat is very independent the older is as clingy as a limpet! :-/
  • Meh. Their cats! What can I say? But I'd LOVE to have a sloth! 53 feet per hour on the ground, maybe 450 feet per hour in a tree. Gets all the water it needs from the leaves it eats, and the best part? They only potty once a week!
  • I have 2 cats a dog and fish.The dog requires the most,but it's not too bad :)
  • Very low. I don't have any. Except if you count the Chinese lady bugs all over the place.
  • My hamster was quite low maintinenece.. but he died last month :'( RIP Sparky
  • When my ex-wife and I were together, we had two dogs (she kept them when we split) Nellie the Beagle was about as high-maintenance as they come. She needed three knee surgeries, she had multiple other health ailments, and putting her in a cone-collar was a regular event. Plus she caused us the most trouble with her barking annoying neighbors, digging out of the yard, etc. In contrast, Harley the Mutt (may he Rest in Peace) was about the lowest-maintenance dog you can imagine. Yes, he had occasional ear infections or a wound that needed stitches, but almost no trouble otherwise. Plus he was the most cooperative even-tempered "let's all get along" dog I've ever known. As with your pets, we love/loved both of our dogs dearly. . . .
  • I had a toy poodle i loved her a bunch but i dont want a dog that needs a haircut.we have a chihuahua jack russell mix lower maintenance.
  • We have a 5 year-old male cocker spaniel. He doesn't shed but the downside is, we have to cut his hair every 4 weeks or so. My wife does it herself or else it would be 60 bucks a pop. She does a great job. She gives him a cocker cut, if you are familiar with that. Kind of a reverse mohawk. We love him and he loves us. Pepper's his name.
  • I would say it's high and that it's worth. Also having a pet is a good way to teach you how to be responsible and take care of another living being - it's like a demo version of taking care of your future kids ;)
  • Not normally but today, they think they are...I must not be paying enough attention to them. I'm cooking all the sides so not as available to them as I am on days when I'm home. Not bad high maintenance, just noticable.
  • Moderate...I got tropical fish. out of +
  • One is, one isn't.
  • One of my dogs has kidney disease, so very high maintenance. Poor thing. Sigh.
  • High maintenance, F-ing hair everywhere!
  • My goldfish? Barely any...hehe. I can get away with feeding them 3 times a week and it's all good. ^_^
  • high maintenence for sure
  • i have been told by my pets, to say that they are very low maintenance ...(it's not true ) ...... (please send help) !
  • Very low, though he has learned he usually gets treats after he goes outside, so he asks a lot now. He is told no, a lot now. They are smart, even if people don't think so. I have a dog.
  • Mine is high maintenance and I dont mind shes worth every penny:) +6
  • I have two cats. One is high maintenance and the other, not. The black cat (high maintenance) is very demanding and throws tantrums if she doesn't get her way IMMEDIATELY. Strange behaviour for a cat. I have always known cats to be more subtly impossible, but she lets it all hang out. Demanding all day long. She is also fat and shapeless (14kgs) -- and VERY clumsy. If she jumps onto a table for example, she almost falls off and sends everything flying -- also unusual for a cat. I chose her from the litter because she was the oldest and ugliest and I knew they would put her down. The other one is dainty and small and well-behaved and beautiful and she so loves the black cat. But the black cat will punish her by not sitting with her or playing with her. Really strange animal. Very possessive of me. Maybe I show too much attention to the cute one, and that causes the problem.

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