• they wernt americans they were europeans. and they justified it the same way they did with almost all of africa. they considered them all savages and that they were making their lives better by bringing them god and democracy, all while feeding their craving for new land. they tried to do it to japan and india but they were all like "GTFO!"
  • They called it Manifest Destiny. Enjoy the images.
  • They learned from those that went before on how to rape pillage and burn.
  • They WERE Americans. Manifest Destiny and other documents gave them the legal power. Indians were not seen as humans. Slaves at least had value, the Indians none.
  • They justified it by saying that according to Christianity, the Indians were pagan scum that were blaspheming against the true God by worshiping their Pagan idols. Therefore God wanted the white Christians to rid the world of them because they were filthy, blasphemos barbarians.
  • In general the Indians didn't claim ownership themselves - at least not in the Western sense: "Own land? Can you own sky?" Also, the Indian tribes had no problem stealing from and displacing weaker tribes when it suited them. Outside of the coastal plain of the original colonies, Indians were regarded as savages who obviously weren't doing anything with the land (building permanent towns and cities, farming it in other than a slash-n-burn fashion, logging its forrests, mining its hils, etc.) and therefore weren't to be seriously considered as its possessors in any sense. It has much to do with Scotch-Irish law concerning squatters rights: the land belongs to the man who's working the land, regardless of what the deed says ... and the Indians didn't even have deeds.
  • Eminent Domain, same way they do it now.
  • They justified it by transposing their European heritage and legal system here to our lands. We knew who owned the lands, and we knew where our lands started and neighbors lands stopped and so on. We also had family owned groves of oaks that we harvested from nearly every year. We maintained the land with out destroying the resources. All the things you have heard about us not believing we owned the land is untrue. The part about not having deeds to prove our ownershp to the foreigners is true. The ancestors thought it weird that the foreigners thought we, who were already living here and occupying the land should have to prove anything to them. There were a lot of fights over lands here in our country, but most of it was taken by lies and dirty deeds and broken treaties. 1/22
  • they wern't americians then, but anyways that was a few hunded years ago..its time to move on and get over the past!!.......many bad things happened in the real old days when man was different way back then,it was all for survival , but that was then, people should not dwell on the past history !!!!!!!!!!!..make the best life today is what matters and live peacefully together
  • The same way they justified taking it from each other! The winner gets the spoils of war and then they impose their language on the conquered. It was accepted practice back then all over the world even in their own culture! Same with making blacks slaves. They did it to themselves first! Its the same nowadays only with taxes, its legalized thievery.
  • We were giving them a longer life span by giving them medicine.
    • Kevin1960
    • Creamcrackered
      Hulk is obviously unaware that Smallpox, measles, malaria, yellow fever, typhoid, typhus, and the venereal diseases were among those that were introduced by the European settlers.
    • Hulk70166
      CC & Kevin: No, I am aware of diseases. The statement "we are giving them a long life" is the common justification given for White enslavement of foreigners, eg Indians, Blacks, Hindu's etc. Also "We are giving them roads, bridges, educations, decent food and medicine.." Look it up, its for real. That's how the US justified enslavement of Indians and Blacks. Its also the reason given for British enslavement of India.
    • Hulk70166
      Check out the movies "Gandhi" and "Charge of the Light Brigade"
  • "Temporarily Humboldt County" Firesign Theatre (1968)
  • Lots of Indian nations and lots of different reason. Many made agreements with enemy foreign governments and attacked Americans and lost their territories because of the wars they chose to engage in against the Americans.
  • Why justify anything ? They didn't want it we took it would of been the thinking? Remember never give a sucker an even break. You are an idiot . You think they fought fairly when they got rid of the Indians?
    • Hulk70166
      Good for you. It was never intended to be fair. It was all a coverup. thanks.

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