• I doubt that they really are in private. They're pretending to get their panties in a bunch in public in the hopes that they will frighten the electorate into handing them power again.
  • Because the Democrats are in favor of it.
  • Nobody is wetting their diapers. When the terrorists get trials on American soil, they are guaranteed the same rights as Americans. The lawyers will exploit the system to their advantage. The terrorists are getting more rights than our own soldiers. Our soldier have to go in front of a military tribunal when convicted of a crime, why are the terrorists not getting the same treatment. I think it is because some wussiepants liberal thinks that terrorists should have rights to begin with.
  • Old School, you bring up names and the American justice system. Out of those listed, how many received the death penalty? The answer is only 2. The only two to be killed were white Americans, the others are Muslim terrorists and they get a life sentence in prison and two of those escaped the justice system. If it was up to you, you would probably bake them cookies, sing Kumbaya, and hug a tree somewhere. Stop giving links to opinion as fact also.
  • It's not just Republicans who would like to not have the trials in NYC. I doubt there are many democrats in NYC (which is pretty much all democrat)who relish the idea of the terror trials taking place there. By the way, maybe you could take a less insulting tact when asking questions. You should understand that politics is cyclical and the democrats monopoly on congress will end in 2010, then the republican's majority will end, and... you're probably too young to realize that.
  • Because they, like Bill O'Reilly, "don't care about the Constitution."
  • Because a) the terrorists responsible for NYC's losses are in NYC, and being protected until a trial.. A lot of people feel it's insulting. and b) the health care debate is out of the spotlight, and this is next on the national anger menu.
  • its not a Rep. thing Why the would you bring them to the U.S. they should be slowly tortured til they die
  • Holy crap. Someone referred to the year 2010 as "in the future", in this thread. Well, I guess we know what happened to the old questions now.

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