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  • Most of us fake at some time or other to make men we like feel good or to get rid of men we don't like. While sometimes it is convenient, it is always a lie. Some of us end up going through 30-40 years of marriage faking it. Men want us to have orgasms with them not only to please us but often just to make them feel good about themselves. I think we should be honest about it 98% of the time. We should relax with men and play with them and help them learn how to help us get orgasms with their fingers and tongue. Though we want to, a lot of us will never be able to have orgasms just with him inside us, so we should first help show him other ways we can get orgasms and then we can relax more and have more fun with him inside (sexual intercourse). Most of us can learn to have orgasms during sexual intercourse but sometimes it takes years and a lot of practice with ourselves and our men. When we fake the man thinks that we are fine and he is good and so often things never get better so we are telling a lie. I think it is better be honest and not pretend. Even if we don't have an orgasm we can enjoy having him be inside us but we should relax with and play with him more and try different things together. Most men are very goal-oriented. They want to get us to an orgasm as soon as possible. But we learn how to better if we just play with each other more and enjoy how we each feel and take a lot of time.
  • I don't think you should ever fake. I can honestly say I have never faked. My boyfriend is adult enough to know that there are times when I cannot orgasm - because I am too tired, too upset, or because it is the wrong time of the month. I expect all men to be the same. I have had a couple of (brief) relationships with men who made no effort with foreplay and then took the liberty of assuming I orgasmed easily through intercourse though. With the first, I was young, and I felt too awkward to disabuse him. I never faked with him, but I never told him he didn't make me orgasm either. I just put him down as lazy. One time, he told me he loved feeling me orgasm. I thought, well I sure as hell can't fucking feel it and I never told you I did. He was over thirty so he should have known better. I don't know if he was just lazy, if all of his ex girlfriends orgasmed like magic or if he just thought he was the man because they all faked. Who knows. The next man who did that didn't last more than a couple of times before I just walked away.
  • i am try talking to him thanks

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