• I would prefer asians but they can get on the wild side with the kinkyness.
  • Human.
  • Any that have a willing pussy are great.
  • It's not the race, it is the experience. The best sex I have ever had is with my white gf. However, I had an affair with an African-American woman and I thought she was amazing, too. I have not had sex with women of other races - though I have with women from other nationalities - (Russian, Dutch) and the experience has been all over the board. I won't deny that there was something exotic - for lack of a better word - about having sex with an African-American woman. However, the circumstances of our relationship made it all really complex. Did that make it better? Worse? Sometimes you don't know your own mind. I only know that she enjoyed sharing her body with me and she knew how to make me feel respected and - trite as it sounds - manly. You can't ask for much more than that.
  • Sadly i only had sex with 2 different girls and neither very pretty lol. But i am strongest attracted to native american women that arent big but some meat on em and a big ass. Next in line would be black then latina... Then last some white girls. Btw im white... Lol

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