• If the baby survives, and it is out then it has effectively been born. And at that point it is the Doctors responsiblity, job, to save the child. There is no more argurment about pro-choice, pro-life. It must be pro-life. -- That being said I am pro-life and do not believe in abortion.
  • I'm sure those compassionate, baby-loving abortion doctors leave those tiny little boys and girls on a cold, steel table and hope for the best.
  • How about asking those that survived abortions what they think?
  • I am pro choice but I do feel that there should be a much earlier limit to when that choice can be exercised; as soon as a fetus is capable of surviving outside of the womb, and living a full and healthy life, the point for choosing to abort should have passed. Once a baby is born, regardless of it's physical condition, if it is alive and breathing for itself, every effort must be made to save it - to do anything else would be murder whether through negligence or a physical act to end the life.
  • Duh! The whole purpose of abortion is to make sure that the baby dies.
  • Abortion clinics are paid to kill babies and they take their work seriously. I don't think their customers are satisfied if they have to walk out of the clinic with a baby.
  • The article is very out of date, it would be interesting to see what the results of the inquiry were.
  • Do they still get paid if the baby survives? Seems like that dictates what they do.

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