• Well, I never really had much against it until a few years back when I went to a new neighbor's house and he was playing some rap song that went 'I wanna f***, I wanna f***, I want my d*** sucked' I thought that song was taking it all a bit far!
  • Depends how it is used... if it is used to enhance the song OK If it is used in anger and to degrade other people or genders, then no....
  • Yes it is way overdone. And another thing that bothers me is all the sexual jokes and overplay of lovemaking in movies. It makes sex and love less interesting, less mysterious, and less titillating, when movies and other entertainment try to shove it all in your face. I like sex and lovemaking behind close doors, waiting for me to discover its enjoyment. I don't like it when others tell or show me "this is the way it is, see, see!" For me, the immaturity spoils the maturity of it all.
  • it depends on my mood and in what way they are using profanity...
  • Not as much as the content itself.
  • Yes. There is no reason for songs or movies to have trashy words in them. JMO
  • My mom plays this song called whisper in your ear by ying yang twins just to bother me and she loves the song and it drives me crazy! Its litterally singing about a chick screwing him and how he has a big d*** and its like a play by play porno sick song u just dont make ur daughter listen to that i dnt kno what she finds ammusing about me screaming at her to change the song but thats just going tooo far
  • Music yes, film no.
  • I don't have a problem with it being used for color but if it's used as a substitute for good dialogue, lyrics, etc., then I'm offended. But I'm only offended because if used that way it's lame.

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