• Yes. I'm a pathalogical optimist.
  • Not at the moment, but betting against America has always been a bad move.
  • Nations come and nations go. I think that in my lifetime it will be just fine. Probably in my grandkids lifetime too. After that. No one can tell. Not totally optimistic.
  • Not since I heard the world was going to end in a couple of years. Ok, serious answer now, I really don't know. Things have to change, people need to use their collective power, take control of the people voted into control. Politician lie, people know this, but choose to let them do all of the talking. We the people, do have the right to step in +5
  • I am pretty optimistic about it.
  • Keithold I'm not feeling optimistic about the world as a whole We are in a huge technology trap that is about to snap shut. Don't know what it's like in AU but if the diesel trains and trucks stopped for 3 days in the US there would be no food in the stores in about a week even in the most remote state. No one under 30 knows how to find information in books as opposed to the internet, much less how to survive without modern comforts I'm thinking Amish, not the religious end. but the lifestyle
  • I know we are in a recession right now. Some have even called it a depression. I am optimistic about America, though. We will immerge stronger then ever. We just need to regulate a little bit to prevent our own corporations from destroying our country. +5
  • Well, to be honest, I think about this country the United States all the time, and all I conclude is we shall see...I really don't love this country anymore like I once did, because it has become such a mess. I often think to myself it is time to move, but where does one move to? This country still has it better than any other country I know. I generally would like to think I am optimistic, but lately have been going through bouts of anger with this country's government. Seems like the people are all too easy to exploit, and they have a government that is more than capable of doing so.
  • Not really
  • No, I don't feel optimistic about it at all.
  • No, the country is ruled by corporate interests too powerful to control. (out of points)
  • Sure I don't see anything going horribly wrong. +5
  • Yes. Despite the naysayers determination to destroy America.
  • Not since Obama was elected but I am starting to see hope.
  • I will let you know after the 2010 election cycle
  • No. Our car industry went shitz, our traditional industries (Bohemian glass...) went shitz, not many people will come and spend in Prague next year most likely, neo-nazi parties are on rise... and as a nation we are usually too apathetic to do a thing untill is too late. But the good times were fun while they lasted.
  • Yes, quite a lot. People feel better, believe a little more, and have hope. Hope they didn't have for 8 solid years.
  • No I imagine that America will go belly up the same way Russia did in the 80's. Oh well..
  • The more I learn about our current situation, the less optimistic I feel.
  • Yes, Canada will do well in the future.
  • America is a piece of crap. It could be a good country, but it's full of stupid people. REALLY REALLY REALLY STUPID. And you can rob these people and they dont even resist! Its future is POOP!
  • 5-7-2017 The US has been showing signs of impending collapse since WW2. You can read the histories of all cultures at All dominant cultures have collapsed, all in the same general manner and all for the same general reasons. Details are unpredictable, but not one culture has ever escaped the slide to oblivion after the signs appeared.
  • The future of any nation will not be seen by current persons.. It will be lived within by future persons.. If the Nation is still around, we will have no idea of what is going on.. In 400 years or so from now, who knows if the US will still be a Nation??? Leaving good roots and heritages for grandchildren and children to grandchildren is the best thing any parent/grandparent can do for 'the future of the Nation'. The United States has only been a Nation for 230 years since the signing of the US Constitution in 1787. The U.K has been a Nation since 1707.. Only 310 years although England had Kings previous.. But regardless, they don't know how we're living and we won't know how the future generations will live like..

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