• Everyone does have a breaking point. It's just that the breaking point on some, are higher than in others. If you survive, you become stronger. If you don't, you make the news.
  • because the majority of the people do something to change what they are doing to avoid hitting the breaking point. most of the time you do have control over that, but sometimes you don't.
  • Change your way of thinking, in other words take a right or a left before you hit the breaking point.+5
  • I really don't think I'll ever hit a breaking point. Life is just too short and not that serious, and you can't make everybody happy so don't kill yourself trying. Bottom line is: Stress is something you do to yourself and you are in total control of that... ;~)
  • The consequences of breaking.
  • They manage the situation and/or themselves so that it doesn't get to the breaking point.
  • The limit is not tested on everything. Have you ever drove you car the fastest you could go down a crowded sidewalk or hit yourself the hardest you could with a hammer? +5
  • Hmm! Stretches?
  • Because not everyone has a breaking point. Thats a global assumption you are making for the entire population. Military, fire, ER personnel, surgeons police among others do not have a breaking point or if they do, it's much much further away than the average person. Some people handle stress better than others and some let it go and don't worry about it.
  • cause everyone is different

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