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  • plenty of people. It was funny I guess
  • My wife's little cousin has bright red hair, which I love. One day we were sitting by my pool, my wife had gone in to get a shower. I asked her cousin, "So I've always been curious, do the curtains match the drapes?" She smirked at me an asked if I really wanted to know. I said yeah, and she grabbed the front of her bikini bottom and pulled them almost all of the way down. She had the most amazing think orange bush I have ever seen. She rand her fingers through her pubes and asked if that answered my question. I couldn't speak, I just managed to nod yes. Then she fixed her suit, put her sunglasses back on and continued sunning herself.
  • --------yes i have seen girls do it ....but i love to see them shaved clean that is so much hotter
  • never had the privilage to be flashed in my 37 years.

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