• Without knowing anything about them I have no idea.
  • I have no idea, but the idea of being a perpetual student sounds interesting.
  • Neither.There is nothing wrong with learning more and pursuing one's interests.
  • I say good for it is all put to use will entirely depend on how that kid was raised and how they got the money. I've seen silver spoon kids succeed in school and the same fail miserably.
  • i think this is great, learning is like any other pastime or hobby in the scenario you presented
  • I hope that all that have a desire to learn don't always expect it will translate into more money - I'll go with inspirational or least good for a kudo. +5
  • Because a person has money does not mean that they should not wish to have an education. If they have the money and are paying for their studies who has the right to make comments. Nobody. Education is the right of all and if you are paying for it Great. It is just a shame that everyone cannot afford to study.
  • For me it's a reminder of how exciting it is to learn. When I was in college I was poor. I worked my way through an undergraduate program via a night shift job in a factory in Muncie, Indiana. I was married and already had the first of four children. I did not borrow a dime from anyone (family included) and there were no monetary gifts. I was in the Air Force Reserves and therefore had no vacations - the traditional Summer vacation was eaten up by my active duty training (that's not a complaint). But I remember enjoying every single college course I took - even those outside my major - and yes - even the core courses required of most everyone. So, from my point of view, the wealthy person who goes to college even though money is no issue is very smart and might have some special insight about happiness.
  • An inspirational reminder.
  • Pursuit of knowledge for its own sake is an admirable thing. +3
  • i would be more irratated if they didn't go to college. all this world needs is more stupid and ignorant rich people.
  • I'd think they were extremely lucky and should be thankful for it.
  • If money were no object, then I'd be a professional student. I love learning. I love being in classes.
  • That person is lucky. No loans to pay off...
  • If those are the only two choices, Inspirational. Educating yourself is important, money has nothing to do with that +5
  • Maybe they just want to learn.
  • What does going to college have anything to do with having all they money they'll need? They're not mutually exclusive goals, are they? Maybe the person just wants to learn about something they didn't already know.
  • They won't be keeping that money for long, if they don't have at least a basic education. I deal with a lot of rich people in my line of work - their kids range from absolute arses to near genius. Guess what the near genius kids of rich parents have in common?

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