• I don't believe the Virginia Tech shooter was motivated similiarly to the Fort Hood shooter. Instead I'm curious as to why Scott Roeder wasn't held to the same standard. Both Scott and Malik were both motivated by Religion.
  • Because it's politically (and financially) expedient to do so...:-P...
  • I don't consider it an act of terror. I wasn't terrified at all, in fact. I'm far, far away from VT and it's flying bullet cases. If I recall correctly the shooter (Seung-Hui Cho) had no real agenda, it was more or less just a frustrated child finally throwing in the towel. 32 people died. More children die of hunger daily, am I to be more moved because of their nationalities? I hope not.
  • Because "We did not have a terrorist attack on our country during President Bush's term"
  • No one shouted "Allah ahkbar" before the Virginia Tech shootings.
  • You know, I probably think Bush was as bad of a President as the next guy, but are you for real? I have seen a lot of people take shots at Bush (A LOT of them are deserved) but this is reaching. C'mon. There's a big difference between a disturbed student at a college and an instance in a US MILITARY BASE. I don't think it would just be Fox classifing it differently, I think most people would. An assault at a MILITARY BASE, where the people who defend our country reside as oppossed to a college is two completely different things.
  • Maybe because the VT shooter A. Didn't shout 'Allah Ackbar' B. Didn't try to contact Al Qaeda C. Didn't kill US soldiers D. Didn't talk to his Imam about meeting in the afterlife E. Didn't have SOA (soldier of Allah) printed on his damn business card If you still don't get it after all this, I don't really know what else to tell you.

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