• It's certainly addictive, but then so are a lot of things. I'd say women who appear in it are often degrading themselves, but many pornographic stars claim they're empowering themselves. The viewers aren't degrading women or themselves, but heavy users are typically scum.
  • On the contrary, the civilizations that have had liberal attitudes toward pornography (Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Pre-20c China, India, Japan, modern France, Belgium, Holland, US...) have been among the most productive and successful in all of history and have the most developed arts. The most repressive countries and groups with respect to pornography, however, including various fundamentalist Islamic states, have backward economies, are generally harsh in their treatment of women, and have little or no production of serious art. In the Western tradition, serious literature, plays, art, and "porn" appeared simultaneously in ancient Greece.
  • It is degrading and harmful to both the viewers and the 'porn stars' involved, both female and male. It's sick and laughable and I'm glad I'm not a guy who 'needs' to watch it. You may think watching porn is innocent but what about all the young girls growing up thinking that's what they should aspire to be? Next time you're 'getting off' think about who it's hurting.
  • It isn't something I use but I can see nothing wrong with it as long as you are still able to have a healthy normal sexual relationship. I am a woman and I don't see it as degrading. They are doing a job.
  • It seems to only bum out those sanctimonious folks who can't resist tellin' others how to live their lives according to their own values/beliefs. ;-)
  • In my opinion, it does degrade women very much so. Of course, that may be just my opinion.
  • It's an equal opportunity degrader.
  • No and no
  • No, no, no
  • The women have a porn star as a job so they knew the reprocussions. So they knew the minute they started making that video it was degrading. Im not one to watch porn. Then again im fairly apathetic to most situations. I do feel porn is degrading to women but they knew that, the veiwer not so much unless it becomes a habit that it interfere in personal life
  • When they have done studies on the effects it has on people, they've found that it alters the brain, making physical arousal different, like rewiring how people react or what they react to. It can become addictive, so that the user needs and craves it more because the feelings they get from direct arousal don't work like they once did, relying more on remembered arousal from the porn. It was a fascinating study done about 5-6 years ago, reported on in the LA Times and the NY Times.
  • I'm sorry but how is it degrading to the woman or the viewer? Harmful, yes, since it can give you unrealistic expectations of sex. But how is it degrading? Maybe that hardcore rape porn stuff is degrading, but two people having sex, getting paid, and having it video taped is not degrading. It's not different than me getting paid to play guitar. I'm whoring out a skill that I have worked very hard to perfect. In fact, I even work out pretty intensely to make sure that I look good physically. So, am I degrading myself when I play in my band? Is a bikini model degrading herself because she poses practically nude? Would you say that a writer is a whore because he or she spends years learning to write, a year writing a bok, and then gets it published? Aren't they selling their cultivated skills for public pleasure? Stop propagating taboos.
  • One persons pornography is another persons art.....or emergency toilet paper. What is pornography varies greatly within the community....your question is too vague for A meaningful answer.....please define your definition of "Pornography" for us please...

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