• Annex is a word that can function as a verb or a noun, though even in this capacity, the meanings are similar.


    Annex is the abbreviated word for annexation, which means to attach, adjoin or affix a physical structure to something larger.

    Annexed Building

    Derived from the "attach" definition, a subsidiary building or an addition to a building is often given the proper name of Annex, indicating that it is a later addition to an already substantial structure.


    Another variation of annexation is when a city or state incorporates a smaller region into its larger territory. This does not refer to the unofficial process of urban sprawl or metropolitan statistical areas but rather when a conscious effort is made, as when Germany annexed Austria under the Third Reich.


    When a seal or signature is added to a document, such as an appendix, this is deemed an annexation. Likewise, when a book or composition is added to (with written material), it is also deemed an annexation.

    To Take

    When something is taken without permission, it has been annexed.


    When something is added as a condition, or added as a consequence of something else, it has been annexed. For example, "certain privileges were annexed to the prisoners after good behavior."


    Oxford English Dictionary

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