• When it comes to dyeing hair, it's important to remember that there's no universal shade to complement all brunettes. To determine the best hair color, consider your skin tone (complexion), the health of your hair and the money and upkeep you're willing to put into maintaining the color.

    Skin Tones

    As noted in, skin, just like your hair and nails, is made up from the protein keratin. Inside the keratin chain, melanin or pigment types in varying amounts determine what color skin we have. The two basic skin complexion categories are warm and cool. Additionally, both tones are subdivided into light, medium and dark (deep). Warm skin tones range from fair to medium golden and golden brown to dark. Cool skin tones coloring range from fair (pink or yellow based), to olive and pinkish brown. The hair color that will look best is one that complements your unique complexion to enhance your appearance, not overpower it and leave you looking washed out. Before choosing a dye color, establish your skin tone category. You can do this by a look at the veins in your arms while in natural light. If the color looks green, then you are warm, and if it's blue, you are cool.

    Choosing the Right Color

    Because there are so many different hair colors available for brunettes, it's worth looking into the role each color choice will play in terms of your complexion. Those who fall into the warm category tend to look best in shades of strawberry, golden or honey blonde, auburn, cinnamon, copper, ginger and red hues that are orange based. Remember, brunettes can still change the color of their hair while staying in the brown family. Think shades of golden, chestnut and chocolate browns. Those who fall into the cool category tend to look best in shades of ash, beige or platinum (light blonde colors), maroon, burgundy or mahogany reds and darker colors that have blue or eggplant undertones. Other shades within the brunette family include pale or beige-based browns, medium ash, honey, golden, coffee and rich dark browns.

    Helpful Hints

    To get a better picture of how brunettes look with different hair color, visit a site that allows users to upload their photo and virtually try on different hair shades and styles. The Virtual Hair Color Demo and sites such as are great tools to try before committing to a color. Moreover, brunettes can chose from an assortment of hair coloring products. There are permanent and semi-permanent dyes, color stains or washes, boosting rinses and glaze. If you're hesitant to dye all of your hair, consider getting highlights or low lights (techniques like foiling, hair cap, hair painting and streaking). If you're planning on dying your hair a color that's outside of the brunette family (or two shades lighter or darker than your natural color), it's wise to get it done professionally.


    Choosing Your Skin Tone and Enhancing Your Hair Color Understanding Laws of Haircolor

    Virtual Hair Color Demo

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