• Um, what email site are you using for starters???
  • useing outlook express how can i send e mail to everyone in my address book all at once?
  • Just don't do it. No one likes it when people mass mail forwarded crap.
  • I have found there's a limit on the number of people. You can include them all, in Outlook express, but it will fail somewhere along the line, telling you there's an error. Get the name of that person, delete everything following, and send. Then do it again, deleting all names TO that one, and try again. Depending on how many people you have in you address book, you might have to do it a few times. NOTE: DO NOT send them TO or CC. Send them through BCC. NO ONE wants to see the list of the people in your address book, and some may wish to remain private from others in your book. BTW: Use the Add a Comment button under the answer to which you wish to comment. Otherwise, that person will most-likely NOT see your reply.

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