• To the extent it's possible; without threats! If they fail me. . . . .I just "consider the source from whence it comes" and drop them from any FURTHER association! People who "promise the moon" and deliver "shit", just AREN'T my "cup of tea", frankly!
  • I do. I make a point not to go back on my word, so I expect the same from everyone else. People saying they'll do something and then not doing it is just extremely irritating.
  • No, I hold them underwater to get the point across though.
  • Yep. Short of severe extenuating circumstances I expect everyone I deal with to do so.
  • Nope...just the end of the rope that I have a folks hold on for that magical moment of clarity!
  • I didn't believe them in the first place. ;)
  • Nah. I find it easier just to not worry about it. +5
  • Yes. Especially those who wear stilletos...but not politicians, they are exempt from the creed. Terrific shoes. Also, does the strap mean the dog is loose?
  • No. A lot of people are flakes. If I don't hold them to their word, I won't be disappointed.
  • Absolutely, but I don't get upset if they screw-up. I just don't trust them with anything impt. again. Actually I'm using this Q to remark on the red car (forgive me for not knowing make/model). So far I've noticed the reflection of the wheel covers in the grate, the rear-view of the room you're in (very nice touch) coincidentally in the rear-view mirror...that's it for now. I know there's more. Seriously, I am not a stalker, your page impressed me. +

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