• Ancient Egyptians or aliens, depending on your level of gullibity. +5
  • The pyramdians.
  • labours
  • egyptian slaves
  • some says UFO's for spacecraft airport's
  • The Egyptians.
  • There are many civilisations that built pyramids. The most famous are probably the pyramids of Egypt. So who built these? NOT slaves. That is a complete myth that persists for god knows what reason. I think everyone sees films of slaves building the pyramids and it sticks in their heads. However all evidence points to the work being undertaken by skilled labour and not a slave workforce. I can't think of many reputable Egyptologists who would claim slaves built the pyramids. The first pyramid in Egypt was the step pyramid of Djoser. This is a series of mastabas which decrease in size as we ascend the pyramid. Makes sense, it is the simplest structure after a single mastaba. They just stacked them up. The thought was to then 'smooth' the sides of a step pyramid. The first person to achieve this 'true' pyramid was the pharaoh Snefru who built the Red Pyramid (my avatar). This was the first true pyramid in Egypt. He had an aborted attempt (the Bent Pyramid) which went wrong. He still finished it though, warped though it may be. This was followed by Snefru's (probable) son Khufu building the Great Pyramid at Giza. Quite a few the followed this. So not slaves, not hyper advanced aliens or Atlanteans (if they were so clever and advanced, why did they mess up the Bent Pyramid? Not so advanced maybe...) but clever, talented, determined people. Snefru is one of my historical heroes partially for his tenacity with the pyramids.

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